If you're writing a custom report and need to have the report subtotal by department or employee or location or check date or...well...really anything, here's how to do it:

In the Edit Columns tab, select the column you wish to get subtotals for. Set the Sort Position field to "1", and then check the box next to "Group By". Once you have determined the sorting and grouping, the report will produce subtotals at each change in that column's value.

The subtotal information you receive in the report you run will be based upon the Aggregate Function that has been selected for each column. If the Aggregate Function field (at the bottom of the Edit Column window) is set to blank, no subtotal for that column will appear. If set to "Sum", you'll get totals of numeric values. If set to "Count", you'll get a count of the lines.*

If you'd like more than one set of subtotals, you can do a second subtotaling by setting a Sort Position of "2" and checking the "Group By" box on another column. For example, to get a subtotal by employee and by department, you would set Department Name to Sort Position "1" and Employee Name to Sort Position "2". You can also set the system to give you a Page Break after each subtotal by checking the box next to "Page Break".

*NOTE: If you plan on re-sorting and editing the report once you take it into Excel, we recommend leaving Aggregate Function blank so that you don't get merged cell error messages when editing the report in Excel.

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