Using Calculated Columns

If you're writing a report and know that you will need to have a column that adds together several other columns, you can add a "Calculated Column (Numeric)" to the report in Edit Columns rather than waiting until after you've exported the data into Excel. Here's how:

  1. In the Edit Columns tab, hit "Add New" and choose "Calculated Column (Numeric)" from the Field Category drop-down.
  2. In Heading 1 (and/or 2), type the column heading.
  3. To write the formula for the column, click on the small calculator symbol to the right of the Expression field.
  4. Click on "Column" for a list of a available columns, then double-click the column(s) you would like to include.
  5. Click on "Operator" for a list of available functions (+, -, x, /), and insert the appropriate function in between each column.

Your expression should wind up looking something like this (this example is from a paid time off report): {PTO Dollars}+{Bereavement Dollars}+{Vacation Dollars}+{Sick Dollars}. Once you're happy with the formula, hit "OK" at the bottom of the window, and then "Save" in the blue bar.

You can use "Calculated Column (Text)" to insert a specific value into a column, such as a policy number for a worker's comp or 401(k) plan. To do so, hit "Add New" in the Edit Columns tab, select "Calculated Column (Text)" from the drop-down menu, type in the column header, and put the policy number (or other static value) in the "Default Value" field.

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