What do I do if I get a garnishment or child support?

When you hire a new employee, our system automatically sends notification to the state to meet your new hire reporting requirements. If the employee has an outstanding wage attachment (garnishment, bankruptcy, lien, child support, levy, etc.), you can expect to receive an order to comply within a couple of weeks.

If you've received new wage attachment paperwork, follow these steps:

  • Scan a copy of the paperwork (include scans of the backs of pages if there is relevant information) and upload it to the employee's record in iSolved under Employee Management > Human Resources > Employee Documents.
  • Email to let our service team know there is a new document ready for setup. Include the employee's name and the name of the file in your email.
  • Complete any "answer" paperwork that the garnishing entity has requested related to the employee's employment status. (If you need assistance with any calculations, just shoot a follow-up email to DP Customer Service.)
  • Check your payroll reports the next time you run payroll to make sure the employee's garnishment has been deducted.*

NOTE: Dominion Payroll will be responsible for remitting payments that are deducted from the employee to the garnishment agencies unless otherwise arranged. All other correspondence to the court, including the garnishment answer paperwork, should be completed and returned by the client.


*If you see that the garnishment has not been deducted, please follow up with us so that we can help you identify the reason.

The most common situation is that the employee's earnings don't meet the legal withholding limitations. If that happens, and you are unable to garnish the employee's pay, the garnishing entity will expect you to notify them not to expect payment. It is important not to neglect this step, as the garnishing entity will hold your company responsible for nonpayment in the absence of appropriate communication.

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