How do I pay an employee who was left off my normal payroll?/How do I record a manual check?

If the must be paid direct deposit, please submit a ticket so that our service team can help you schedule a special payroll run.  

If you would prefer to write the employee a live check on site, here's how you can calculate the amount of the check and record the earnings to update their YTD:

  1. Go to Individual Time Entry and click "Add New".
  2. Choose the appropriate check type. (If you wish to print out a copy of the check stub that looks like the rest of the pay stubs, you can block all direct deposits on this screen.)
  3. Save, then enter the applicable hours and/or earnings. Click "Preview Check", and enter the check number if desired. "Print and Post" will allow you to print off a pay stub for the manual check, while "Post as Manual" will simply save it in the payroll system as a record that you have paid the employee. 

NOTE: If you do not "Post as Manual" or "Print and Post", the employee will get paid for the additional check when you run your next payroll! Do not neglect this step!

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