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Additional checks are often used to correct employee pay. For the iSolved system to calculate the taxes and possible deductions on a check you wish to generate for an employee, you must first start with selecting an Additional Check type. These checks can then be converted to a Manual Check if you wish to write the check in house.

1. Navigate to payroll processing > Payroll entry > Individual Time entry. Select add new from the black action bar

2. Select additional check from the check type dropdown. All other fields can be left blank. Click Save.

There are three types of additional checks.

  • Additional Check: Processes as a regular check, and follows normal check pay and deduction rules. However, salary will not automatically be paid. ·
  • Additional Check - Gross up: The dollar amount entered on the Individual Time Entry screen will become the net pay to the employee. Taxes will be added to this amount for the gross wages.
  • Additional Check - No Deductions: The check will include taxes, but will not include any of the employee’s regular scheduled deductions.

You will now see your additional check under the regular check on the individual time entry. Please note that the additional check will process and be paid at the same time as the regular check. If you need a pay date other than the regular pay date, reach out to customer service to schedule a special payroll.

**Be sure that “Additional Check” is highlighted under individual time entry**

3. Enter the hours or dollars to be paid on the individual time entry screen

4. Click on the “preview check” icon

5. Change the options if needed

  • Check Date: The default check date will be the begin/end and check date of the payroll being processed. The Check Date can be overridden based on the date the check was issued.
  • Begin Date: The Begin Date can be overridden based on the period covered in this check.
  • End Date: The End Date can be overridden based on the period covered in this check.
  • Use Last Check Number on File: Select this option if you want the system to assign the Check Number based on the last payroll check issued. If selected, the “Post as Manual and Print Stub” option is disabled.
  • Check Number: Enter the check number from the check written in-house.

6. Post As Manual: Use only if you are recording a check that you have previously provided to the employee. The check will be posted and added to the next payroll processing.

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