What do I need to do when I hire a new employee?

When you hire a new employee, you'll want to have them fill out the required IRS and DOL forms so that you have them for your records. Depending on what state the employee is in, you may need to have them fill out a state withholding form as well. Here are some helpful links!

IRS Article on Hiring Employees

IRS Form W-4

USCIS Form I-9

State Tax Forms

DPS Article on Identifying the Right Tax State

Once you've got all of your documentation ducks in a row, you'll want to add your new hire to the payroll system.

For iSolved users, go to Employee Management -> Quick Hire or Employee Management -> New Hire Wizard. If you find you need help once you get there, click the handy orange "Help" button in the upper right corner.

For information on automating the new hire process, check out our native Onboarding solution.

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