How do I print out a copy of employee's check stubs?

Employee Self Service > Pay History has a copy of all pay stubs by employee. 

Click on the appropriate employee, find the check date you need, and then hit the "View/Print Pay Stub" button to create a PDF.*

You can also give the employee access to the Pay History portal by going to Employee Management > Employee Maintenance > General. Once you're there, put the employee's email address in the Self Service Address field at the lower right and check the "Enable Self-Service Access" button, then Save.**

*If the file comes out as .aspx, the easiest method to get it into a .pdf format instead is to use Google Chrome as your browser and hit "Print" from the menu rather than "Save", then use the Print to PDF option within the browser.

**If you have not used this feature before, you may need to have some settings adjusted by our service team in order for it to work properly. Contact us via

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    where do I enter the employee name

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    I cant sign into dominoes !!

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    Jordan Kolmer

    If you are having an issue accessing your check stubs, please contact your employer -- either your supervisor or payroll administrator will assist you.

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    Brenda Mitchell

    Requesting copy of check stub

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    Brenda Mitchell

    My request for the security question need to be change when to prompt to this it want change.