E-Verify Screen

E-Verify is found under the Employee Admin Tools menu. It is used to submit and monitor cases.

The E-Verify screen contains 3 tabs:

• New Cases

• Open Cases

• Closed Case History

New Cases

The screen is per-legal. If you have multiple legals, use the dropdown to select which legal company to access.

Menu Bar

• Includes option for Submit only.

• Select one or more employees in order to submit.

• Submit generates the call to the E-Verify system to open the case.

Screen Display

• “Show results for” defaults to display results for “Last 3 days.” Other options in the drop-down include “Last 7 days,” “Last 30 days”.


  1. Allows users to select and deselect records. The header displays a check box to allow users to

select all or deselect all using the flag.

  1. Employee Name
  2. No column header, but reserved for displaying the “submission error” icon – hover to see error
  3. Employee DOH
  4. Company Name
  5. “Division” and “Department” will show here. If no organization exists this column will be blank
  6. Work Location
  7. Late Submission Reason

Results include all employee records for new hires that fall within the window of the selected time frame, and any future date up to 30 days.

Note: Employee records with completed I-9 (Employer) display with a check box that can be selected and cleared.

Employee records without a completed I-9 (Employer) display, but the check box is disabled.

When hovering over the EE Name, the reason for the disabled check box displays. The following list includes reasons for the check box being disabled.

• ER I-9 section has not been completed.

• Employee record is missing any of the following fields:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • DOB
    • SSN

If today’s date minus Employee DOH is more than 3 days, the Late Submission Reason drop-down is enabled. If today’s date minus Employee DOH is not more than 3 days, the field is disabled.

Late Submission Reason

When the Late Submission Reason field is enabled, the following choices appear in the drop-down:

• Audit revealed that New Hire was not run

• Awaiting Social Security number

• Federal Contractor with E-Verify clause verifying an existing employee

• Technical problems

• Other

    • When “Other” is selected, a text box appears below the drop-down to allow the user to enter free form text.


  • Selecting Submit prompts the user to enter their E-Verify username and password (via a pop-up box).
  • Pop-up includes a Cancel option which takes the user back to the screen, and a Submit option which prompts the system to make the appropriate call(s) to E-Verify.
  • Users should only be prompted to enter their username and password one time per “screen session.”

  • Once a record is submitted, it no longer displays on the New Cases screen, unless it received an error prior to acceptance.
  • Records accepted by the E-Verify system display on the Open Cases page using information received from the return call from E-Verify.
  • Records that receive errors on the initial call by the E-Verify system continue to display on the New Cases tab. A warning icon displays and when hovered over shows the submission error associated with that record.

Open Cases

Menu Bar

• Includes options for “Close Case” and “Refresh Case”.

• User must select one or more employees in order to close or update.

Screen Display

• Includes radio buttons for “Send data to E-Verify” and “Do not send data to E-Verify.”

• There is no default option.

• One must be selected in order to close cases.

  • The case number is a URL link to E-Verify

• If user selects “Close Case” from the menu and neither radio button is selected the following message displays:

You must choose ‘Send data to E-Verify’ or ‘Do not send data to E-Verify’ in order to close a case.

Sending the data to E-Verify requires an Employee Status and Case Closure Reason. Closing a case

without sending data to E-Verify only moves it from the Open Cases into the Closed Case History.”


IMPORTANT NOTE: Any case status other than “Employment Authorized” must be addressed in the E-Verify system. Clicking on the case number will direct you to the E-Verify website.


Employee Status

A drop-down field with 3 selections.

• The employee continues to work for this employer.

• The employee no longer works for the employer.

• Other

The default selection is “The employee continues to work for this employer.”

Case Closure Reason

A drop-down field with selections available dependent upon the Employee Status selection.

• The employee continues to work for the employer.

• The employee no longer works for the employer.

• Other


Closed Case History

Only cases closed through isolved (either through Close Case in E-Verify or Close Case isolved only) are displayed on this screen. Any closed directly through E-Verify website is not displayed. The case number is a URL link to the E-Verify website.

Additional Notes:

  • Deleting an employee deletes any records in the New Case and Open Cases screens, as well as the Closed Case History.
  • Users are responsible for maintaining their own passwords through E-Verify once the initial web service username and password are issued.
  • Anything other than “Employment Authorized” requires the user to access the case via the E-Verify website for additional handling. This includes updates that were made on the Corrections tab on the Employee Admin Tools > Employee Administration > I-9 Management > Form I-9 screen.
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