BIPA Consent Form Access and Clock Settings Updates

BIPA Consent Form Access and Clock Settings Updates

Employers can see the employees who have completed BIPA Consent forms in Documents on File.

  1. Navigate to Employee Admin Tools > Employee Analytics > Documents on File.
  2. Filter Options
    • Document Category: EE Uploads
    • Document Subcategory: BIPA Consent Form
    • Employee Status: Active
  3. Click Filter.
  4. Export the data to an Excel Spreadsheet by clicking the Export Button (highlighted below)

Once the employees have approved/declined, the clock settings should be updated to reflect the employees’ decisions.

  1. Navigate to Employee Management > Human Resources > Employee Documents.
  2. Select the employee who has completed the form.
  3. Click the EE Uploads tab.
  4. Click the blue hyperlink to view the document.
  5. Download the PDF.
  6. Navigate to Employee Management > Employee Maintenance > Clock Settings.
  7. Click Edit.
  8. Clock Security: Employee
  9. Click Save.
  10. Biometric Consent: Add New
  11. Select the employee’s preference from the dropdown menu and upload the file.
  12. Save the file.

  13. Repeat this process for all employees who complete the form.
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