E-Verify Enroll Webservices


This article walks you through enrolling webservices for E-Verify.

Navigate to

  1. Select I am an Employer.
  2. Select E-Verify Enrollment.
  3. Select ENROLL NOW.
  4. Select "I Agree" and click Continue.

Gather information from Checklist and S elect Begin E-Verify Enrollment.

  1. Question 1: Always answer "Yes."
  2. Question 2: Answer is client-specific.
    Note: It is important to let isolved know if the client signed up as an employer or employer agent because there are different setup options in the system depending on the answer.
  3. Question 3: Answer is client-specific.
  4. Question 4: Always answer "Yes" and then select Next.
  5. Question 5: Select Next. The wizard is client-specific from this point on.
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