Managers & Supervisors: Timecards Overview, Editing, and Verification in Classic

Timecards – Overview, Editing and Verification – Classic View


Time Scale – Default is 1-hour increments and is adjustable to 15 min increments using the magnifying glass buttons

Time Card Date Range – located in the top center defaults to the current pay period. You can change the date range by clicking on it (this will bring up a calendar) or clicking on the Day Week Pay Period fields located on the right

Padlock symbol – Shows you if the time card is “locked” or “unlocked”. Locked means changes cannot be made – payroll is in process or has been completed

Timecard Views – there are 2 views – Calendar and Spreadsheet. The default is the calendar view but you may find it easy to make edits in the Spreadsheet view

Entering Punches/Hours

Punch entry - Calendar View – using the mouse, click on the time you want to punch.

  1. Select Punch. The punch entry area comes up.
  2. Check for accuracy.
  3. Add notes if needed.
  4. Save.
  5. Click Show Results.

Hours Entry – Calendar View

  1. Using the mouse, click and hold the mouse on the start time and drag the mouse downward to the end time highlighting the hours worked.
  2. Select hours.
  3. The hours entry area comes up. The start time, end time and duration will automatically be filled.
  4. Save.
  5. Click Show Results.


Editing Punches/Hours

Editing – Calendar View

  1. To edit hours or punches, click on an existing record to open the options box
  2. Click on the pencil and paper icon to edit
  3. Edit information.
  4. Save.
  5. Click Show Results.

Entering/Editing Punches/Hours – Spreadsheet View

The spreadsheet view allows you to enter and edit all in one place. Click in the cell you wish to add or edit information.

As soon as you click in a new cell the change will save.

The Ellipse icon - allows you to delete an entry, add a second line to a day, or add notes.

The Plus icon – adds an additional line

Verifying Time Cards

Time Card Verification is an optional feature that allows employees, managers, and supervisors to electronically sign off on the Time Card prior to the data being copied to the time entry grid for payroll processing.

Verifying in bulk

  1. Click Employee Self-Service > My Dashboard
  2. Under Options, click Earnings Summary of Hours
  3. In the Verification Filters section, select the Pay Group and Payroll Run (Current Pay Period)
  4. Click Select All under Manager Verification.
  5. Upon verification, you should see a green message at the top.
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