Managers & Supervisors: Scheduler in Classic

Manager & Supervisor Scheduler in Classic

  1. Navigate to Employee Admin Tools > Employee Administration > Employee Scheduling > Scheduler.
  2. To add a shift to an employee, click in the box for the date in which the employee will work.
  3. Select the Shift from the Shift Name dropdown menu.
  4. If you need to change the hours for the shift click the Override Shift button and make the necessary changes.
  5. Click Save to return and see the shift added to the Scheduler screen.
  6. To add repeating shifts, click and drag from the start date to the stop date.
  7. Select the Shift from the Shift Name dropdown menu. Then select “Create a Schedule for Each Day” or “Create a Single Schedule.”
    • “Create a Schedule for Each Day” creates multiple shifts, 1 for each day.
    • “Create a Single Schedule” creates 1 consistent shift from the shift start time on the day you selected to the shift end time on the day you selected.
  8. To edit, copy, cut, or delete a shift, hover over the shift to reveal the options.
    • The Pencil allows you to edit.
    • The Squares allows you to copy.
    • The Scissors allows you to cut.
    • The Trashcan allows you to delete.
  9. When you are finished adding schedules, click the Weekly Schedule Report to view a PDF of the assigned shifts.
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