How to Add Deductions

In iSolved, navigate to Client ManagementàPayrollàDeductions.

  • Add New
  • Select Deduction Type
    • Do not use the deductions that start with z or zz are unsuccessful tests.
    • Some deductions are pre-tax while others are post-tax/after tax. Before selecting one, communicate with the client to determine which they offer their employees.
    • For our example, we’ll use Dental Pre-Tax.

  • Identification
    • Title: Dental
    • Description: Leave Blank.
    • Code: Leave as-is.
    • Sequence Number: Leave as-is.
    • W2 Box 14 Title: Leave Blank

  • Schedule
    • Schedule Default: Every Pay

  • Time Entry Options: Leave as-is.

  • Other Options (We will not select any of these, but below are descriptions of each checkbox.)
    • Has Declining Balance: Allows the user to apply a balance and decrease the balance until it reaches a threshold. This is common for loans.
    • Apply Arrears by Default: If an employee goes into an arrears balance in a deduction, the system will automatically catch the employee up.
      • If an employee does not work and the deduction is still taken, the employee’s payment for the deduction will be doubled on the next pay period.
    • Allow Apply Arrears Employee Override: Allows the user to make changes to how the deduction will come out of the employee’s check.
    • Take Before Taxes: DO NOT USE!
    • Block W2 Designation: DO NOT USE!

  • Save.
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