Adding a Certification at the Client and Employee Level

Create a list of Company Certifications

To get started, enter the HR data that is most important to your business under Client Management > HR Management > Training and Development > Certifications

  • Click on the Add New icon.
  • Enter a name for the certification into the Description field.
  • Click on the Save icon.

This creates a dropdown menu that you will see at the employee level.

Email Alerts

Employees, Managers or Admin users may be notified by email when the employee’s certification is ready to expire or has recently expired. Select the Email Alerts tab.


  • Using the certification email alerts feature is not a requirement for certifications.
  • Certification email alerts are generated daily at 5 p.m., ET.
  • The expiration date on the employee’s certification screen determines when email alerts are generated, based on parameters you create on the Email Alerts tab.
  • Alerts will not be generated for inactive employees.
  • Email templates need to be created for the certification email alerts.
  • Multiple emails can be sent for each certification (see screen shot).



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