Adding a Work Location

Navigate to Client Management > Work Locations > Location Maintenance

  • Check to see if the client has multiple locations with a standard format
  • Follow the client format if there is one
  • Otherwise follow the directions below

Navigate to Client Management > Work locations > Add Work Location

  • Use the dropdown for address and select New Address
  • Address Description: State abbreviation followed by City
  • Enter the address
  • The zip code will auto-populate Description and Tax Location Codemceclip0.png
  • Location ID will be State Abbreviation followed by the first letter of the city. The system sorts by Location ID


  • Minimum Wage Rule must be accurate. Some states only have one and it will auto-populate


    • Some states have multiple minimum wage rules. You will need to ask the client or google the location


  • Add in the time zone – this is particularly import for clients with time mceclip4.png
  • Click Next
  • Skip the Supplemental Tax Rates
  • Click Next
  • Click Save
  • Navigate to Location Maintenance to make sure the locations are correct


  • Let the client know they need to apply for the necessary tax accounts for the state added. We have a link on our website to help with this. (Only need if you are inputting a new state)
  • Or they can reach out to their CPA for help

**Please note that if the client is adding a new location in a new state, they need to fill out necessary tax information forms. Once they complete that information and send it back to customer service, please let tax know to update tax information in iSolved and Master Tax. However, we can still create the location while waiting for the client to get back with the tax forms**


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