Scheduling Performance Reviews in iSolved

Now that the Performance Review Ratings, Performance Review Types, and Performance Reviews have all been created, reviews can be scheduled for employees.  There are two (2) different types of employee reviews you can choose from: Schedule Review and Add Review (this option is rarely used).

  • Navigate to Employee Management > Human Resources > Performance > Schedule Review
  • Click Add New


  • The Review Date will populate to the current date.  Enter the actual date the review is due and next review date if known
  • Select the Review Type and the Review to be conducted.
  • The employee’s assigned manager and/or supervisor will auto-populate

**Once a review has been assigned to an employee, do not make any updates or changes to the review or ratings.



  • Navigate to Review History to see all the reviews (In progress, Not Started, and Completed for an individual employee)

Self-Service Roles

Be sure that Employees and Managers/Supervisors have access to the necessary screens to be able to complete their portion of the Performance Reviews



To schedule reviews for your whole company or for a large group of employees, we can create an import template for you. 



There are three Performance Review client reports available.

  • Performance Reviews Completed – date range
  • Performance Reviews Due Report – As of Date
  • Performance Reviews Scheduled – Date Range
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