iSolved Offboarding User Guide

1. Navigate to Employee Admin Tools -> Employee Administration -> Pending Terminations. Click +Initiate Offboarding.


2. Select the Legal Company, Offboarding Template, Employee, and enter their Termination Date, Termination Reason, and mark if they’re Eligible for Rehire. Enter any optional Notes or Documents and click Save.


3. Click on the Edit button next to the employee from the list of Pending Terminations.


4. Make any changes to the Termination Details that are necessary and then click Next.


5. Enter a Date Returned for any currently assigned Company Assets and then click Next.


6. Record Stop Dates for any currently active Benefit Plans and then click Next.


7. Choose a Current Balance Action for all Accrual Plans and select if you’d like to delete any Pending Absences then click Next.


8. Unassign any current Manager or Supervisor Roles and select a Replacement and then click Next.


9. Choose if you’d like to inactivate any currently active Direct Deposit Accounts, Enter Stop Dates for any currently scheduled Earnings or Deductions and then click Next.


10. Enter Stop Dates for any currently active Garnishments, then click Next.

        a. This screen is primarily to notify the client if the employee has any currently active garnishments so they can notify the agency that the employee is terminated.


11. Choose if you’d like to delete any Pending Performance Reviews and then click Next.


12. Click Run Audit to confirm there are no Data Conflicts that need to be resolved. When all Data Conflicts are resolved, click Save.



*attached is a PDF of this document*

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