Employee Analytics – Managerial Assignments

This analytic allows users to view manager/supervisor assignments to give users an overall view of who reports to whom. This includes direct supervisor/manager assignments that are assigned either through the jobs screen or Organization level.

Navigate to Employee Admin Tool > Employee Analytics > Managerial Assignments.

The analytic includes multiple tabs to display this data in a variety of configurations, such as by employee, by supervisor, by manager, by job, and by organization.

Each column includes the filter and search options to make it easier to sort and obtain the information you are looking for. You are also able to use the icons in the upper right corner to export the data to excel and use the column chooser, as needed.

Employee Assignments

  • A list of employees is displayed with current job records, assigned supervisors, and managers as of today’s date.
  • If the employee is assigned to a supervisor or manager who is terminated, user will see a warning icon showing the supervisor/manager is terminated so the responsible user can update employee records with replacement supervisors/managers, as needed.

Supervisor/Manager Assignments

Both Supervisor/Manager Assignment tabs are set up similarly. This information is based on the assignments of supervisor/manager on the Jobs screen.

  • Any supervisor/manager is displayed with the number of assigned employees and their job title/work location.
  • Expand the selection individually or by using “Expand All Groups” to see who is under that manager/supervisor, along with their own job title and work location.
  • If a supervisor/manager is terminated and still as employees assigned to them, they will continue to show in this list with a warning to let the user know that as of today, this supervisor/manager is terminated.
  • User can go clean up the employee job records to assign a new supervisor/manager and once all employees under that supervisor/manager have been reassigned, the terminated supervisor/manager will no longer display.

Job Assignments

Any employee who is currently assigned to a job that can manage and/or supervise others are displayed on this tab, to give the user alternate view of this information. This can be shown to those who supervise others, manages others, or does both. This can help you quickly see who is set up as a supervisor or manager at the job-level.

Organization Assignments

Any active or inactive employees that are set up as an organization supervisor or manager will be displayed. User can add columns from the column chooser and export the data if needed. This can show those who supervise others, manages others, or does both. This can help you quickly see who is set up as a supervisor or manager at the organization-level.

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