HOW TO: Fix an Noneditable Self-Service Email Address

Problem: An incorrectly formatted Self-Service Email Address was entered into the address field and the field is locked to edits.

Example: User entered an EE’s email address in the format of instead of the correctly formatted This locked the email field to editing.



1. Open up a new Excel Spreadsheet.

2. Save it to your desktop as ESSEmailImport.

3. Create 3 Columns with the following headers (No Spaces):

      a. Column A: EmployeeNumber(Enter the Employee Number in Row 2)

      b. Column B: SelfServiceEnabled(Enter “N” in Row 2)

      c. Column C: SelfServiceEmail(Leave Blank)

4. Save and close the Excel Spreadsheet


Import Data

  1. In iSolved go to Conversion Management >> Data Imports

      a. Import Type: Employee

      b. Template: Default

      c. File Format: Spreadsheet (Excel)

      d. Attach File: (click the three dots to the right to attach the file)

      e. Default Company: Select the correct company

      f. Default Pay Group: (use default – not important)

      g. Employee Import Mode: Update Existing Only

      h. Click Next.

      i. Once the report runs and there are no errors, Click Next.


2. Return to Employee Management >> EmployeeMaintenance >> General

3. The Self-Service Email will be editable.

4. Correct the Email, select “Enable Self-Service Access”

5. Save.

Additional Resource:

You can use the Data Conversion Master for Imports.

Navigate to the University >> Click Library >> Under the Tax and Import Resources tab, click Data Conversion Master for Imports. Then download the Excel document.



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