Sending a Mass Email - Using Mass Email Utility

The Mass Email Utility is used when a customer needs to send an email to all employees, or a selected group of employees.

Navigate to Client Management > Workflow Setup > Client Email Templates

  • Email Type: Mass Email
  • Email Subject Line: discretionary 
  • From Name: Client can include the company name or individual. Note – the name will be followed by “
  • Enter the email text.
  • Placeholders can be applied by clicking on <#>
  • Links and pictures can also be added

Navigate to Client Management > Mass Email Utility

  • Email Template: Only Email Templates that were assigned “Mass Email” as the email type will be in the dropdown
  • From: Cannot be changed
  • Subject: will be populated by the subject line from the Email Template chosen

A mass email can still be sent even if no email template is chosen. Client will need to fill in all required data

***There are size limitations on the attached document – doc cannot be > 4000 KB***

***Text must be included in the body of the email or it will not be sent***

  • Eligibility Rules allows the client to filter the for selected employees to receive the email. If no rule is selected, everyone will receive the email
  • To check who will be receiving the email, click report under “Included Eligibility Rules”
  • Employees with a missing ESS email will be listed
  • Copy of the email sent will be at the top
  • Clients should review for accuracy
  • “History Tab” will show the batch #, the date sent and user who sent it


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