How to Set up Group Term Life in iSolved

Questions to ask prior to setting up GTL:

  • Is your coverage amount based on a multiplication of the salary or is it a standard coverage amount?
  • Can you provide coverage amount by employee?
  • Do you calculate Income Tax (Federal and State) for coverage over $50,000.00?

1. Navigate to Client Management -> Payroll -> Earnings.


2. Click Add New and select either GTL WH or GTL No WH depending on client directions. Name the code and click Save.


3. Navigate to Client Management -> Benefits -> Benefit Types.


4. Click Add New and give the Benefit Type a Title. Select the System Benefit Type of Group Term Life and then click Save.


5. Navigate to Employee Management -> Employee Benefits -> Group Term Life and select an employee.


6. Click Add New and enter a Start Date. Often GTL will be based on a multiplication of the employees salary, other times it will be a standard coverage amount. Enter the appropriate figure in the appropriate box based on the information provided by the client.


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