Employee Messages

Employee Message have a wide array of uses but the most common are to use them to display messages for employees in their Self-Service or Adaptive login or to utilize them in the Onboarding system.

1. Navigate to Client Management -> HR Management -> HR Administration -> Message Categories.

2. Click +Add New to add a new Message Category and give it an appropriate Category Heading.
Optionally, you can add a Category Description and enter a Display Order to determine the order in
which it appears in a future dropdown menu.

3. Next, navigate to Client Management -> HR Management -> HR Administration -> Employee Messages.

Click +Add New to add a new message. Title the message appropriately, enter an Effective Date, select
a Message Category, and check the box for Legal Company Access. You can also utilize the following

a. Expiration Date: Optional but can be used when a specific message should only be displayed for
a certain amount of time. A message will be automatically made inactive once the expiration date
has passed.
b. Show on Employee Landing Page: If you select this option the message will appear on the
Employee Messages screen of ESS. A reminder will appear on the employee’s welcome page
upon signing in.
c. Show on Company Information Page: This option will cause the message to appear on the
Company Information page.
d. Add Link: Allows you to add a link and set the Link Text that the employee can click on.
e. Add Document: Allows you to upload documents that require employees to open and
acknowledge they have read them.

5. When done making your selections, click Save.

a. After Saving you also have the ability to add Fillable Forms under the Forms tab to provide
documents with fillable fields for the employee to complete.

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