Employee Analytics

Navigate to Employee Admin Tools > Employee Analytics

There are a number ofscreens listed here that can generate helpful reports. 

Employee analytics - Anniversaries

  • The default is all active employees with hiring anniversaries in the next 7 days. This can be filtered using the dropdown – all anniversaries or by month anniversaries. 
  • This can be filtered by the most recent hire date or adjusted service date
  • The column chooser can be used with this screen
  • To pull a report, click on the icon next to the column chooser to export all data. This will create an excel report.

Employee Analytics – Birthdays

  • Same process for the birthdays screen as for Anniversaries.

Employee Analytics – Certifications

  • Easily view all employee certification details
  • Status – Will default to active, blank (no expiration date listed) and expiring soon. Expired can be chosen from the status filter
  • Expiring soon will have a warning triangle next to it. This designation will apply to certifications expiring in the next 60 days.

Employee Analytics – Completed Workflow

  • You can keep track of workflows such as employee absences, direct deposit changes, 

Employee Analytics – Documents on File

  • Permits users to group, filter, search, and export with the purpose of identifying which documents are attached to employee records.
  • Signed Acknowledgements are the only documents that are not displayed in this analytic
  • Employee Status can be active, inactive or terminated
  • Employees with no results can be included to see anyone without the documents on file
  • Employees can be filtered for all employee I-9’s and many other documents. Client don’t need to go employee by employee to look for documents on file

Employee Analytics - Electronic Elections 

  • This section will show you who is signed up for electronic consent. 
  • This will let you see who is going to receive an electronic version of the W2 and who will be receiving a paper copy. Check the Year End Delivery Status column. Never consented or revoke consent will receive a paper W2. Active will have access to an electronic W2.

Employee Analytics - Emergency Contacts

  • Gives a listing of all Employee Emergency Contacts for a quick and easy way to access the data.
  • The data can be exported and shared

Employee Analytics – Employee Salary/Hourly Rate 


  • Using this list employers can easily identify employees that are paid below the minimum wage, specifically when a location’s minimum wage changes to ensure compliance.
  • The tipped employee checkbox is available for any job that earns tips. Navigate to Client Management > Job > Jobs and check Tipped Employee. This triggers the min tipped wage to be displayed on the Employee Salary/Hourly Rate for employees with this job assignment
  • This report can be filtered for employees falling below the minimum wage with an as of date.


  • Use the export icon in the upper right corner to create an excel report.

Employee Analytics – Hires and Terms

  • A report of hires and terminations can be created in a certain date range
  • Defaults to the last 30 days

Employee Analytics - Managerial Assignments 

  • Employee Assignments – list of employees along with assigned supervisors/managers. 
    • If a warning icon is displayed next to the manager’s name, the supervisor/manager has been terminated.
  • Supervisor/ Manager Assignment – supervisors/managers are displayed with the # of assigned employees and their job and work location
    • Terminated managers will appear here with a warning icon until their employees are reassigned
  • Job Assignments – Any employee who is currently assigned to a job that can manage and/or supervise others are displayed here
  • Organizational Assignments – Any active or Inactive employees that are set up as an organization supervisor/manager will be listed here
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