Zeros for the SSN on W2s

There are no Social Security Numbers (SSN) that start with “9”.

· Numbers that start with 9 are Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN).

· ITINs will produce 0’s on W2s.

· Taxpayers with ITINs are required to show the SSN under which the wages were earned.


What Do EEs Do?


· When e-filing an individual income tax return, the EE will use their SSN anyway, since with standard programs it prepopulates the SSN the EE entered when starting the filing process.

o EEs wouldn’t be entering it based on the number ITIN or 0’s printed on the actual W2.

· When submitting a paper tax return, the EE should submit a copy of his/her SSN card along with the W2.

· **Also note, that even though DP can file 000s to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the EEs do not get credit for those Soc Sec wages... so it is REALLY important that they provide DP/iSolved with the SSN!**

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