For Clients Who Are Experiencing Inaccurate Double Punches

Employees are using the Transfer punch option when that should only be used when they are already clocked in and switching between labor values.  Two possible scenarios.  If they have “Enable In Out Buttons” turned on for the clock, then the employee would initiate their login by using their fingerprint, badge, or entering their Timeclock ID (in this example).


The transfer button doesn’t appear if Quick Punch is enabled so an employee would type in their TimeClock ID and click enter or click the New Punch button.

Employee is shown 3 or 4 options (adjustments optional), but Transfer should only be used if they are already logged in.

Once they select Punch In they’ll have the opportunity to select a labor value(s) and then press the Save Punch button.

The majority of the difficulty is when a clock does not have the Enable In Out Buttons option selected in the clock profile.  On a punch in the employee is presented with only a transfer button or an override button (see below).  Transfer still should only be used if they were already clocked in.

Otherwise, if they are working their default department and labor values are not “required” they would be able to hit Save Punch.  If labor values are “required” then they would want to choose Override instead and then select the appropriate labor value(s) like in the previous image.

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