Report Instructions: System License and Equipment Reconciliation

On a monthly basis at the end of each month, the Technology department must do a reconciliation of all laptops and system license assignments so that the Finance team can properly cross-charge the various branches for their portions of the overall contracts. This reconciliation must be completed no later than the 5th of each month. Notify when the reconciliation is complete.

To get started, open the System License and Equipment Reconciliation Template.xlsx sheet from the Technology Sharepoint > Documents > Smartsheet. Save a copy to use for your current month's work.

Smartsheet Tracking Sheets

Updates made in the Equipment List and Company Roster & License Allocation sheets in Smartsheet feed the System License Totals sheet, which Accounts Payable uses to coordinate the charges attributable to each branch.

Export the following sheets from Smartsheet and paste the information in the relevant tabs of the new workbook:

  • Company Roster & License Allocation
    • Identify rows associated with Terminated employees that have not been pulled into the Terminated EE's grouping at the bottom of the sheet.
    • Pull each of these rows into the correct grouping at the bottom of the sheet.
    • Delete the associated licenses from those rows in the columns Adobe - GoTo.
    • Export to Excel.
  • Equipment List
    • Review rows associated with Terminated employees.
    • If the laptop was returned and is available to use for another employee, change the Employee column to "BRANCH - AVAILABLE - FT (EE Name)" (e.g. "VA - AVAILABLE - FT (Joe Smith)"). Check the box in the Available column as well.
    • Export to Excel.

Next, you'll need to access the various systems to pull lists of licensed users. Pull the user exports as directed below, and paste the relevant data into the matching sheets on your workbook. DO NOT paste over the information in any blue columns on any sheet. DO make sure that the formulas in the blue columns are copied down to the end of the list of users on each sheet, as the length of that list may change from month to month.


In each tab of your workbook, you'll be looking to make sure that Column B ("Match") displays all TRUE values. Any values that are unTRUE will need to be reviewed and reconciled. Ultimately, any changes/information missing from Smartsheet should be updated in either the Equipment List or Company Roster & License Allocation sheet until you've got true data in Smartsheet feeding System License Totals.

Ninja Inventory:

  • Sign into NinjaRMM.
  • Click Search, then Export > Export with Detailed Information.


  • You will need to update the Laptop Sign In Lookup tab for any new login IDs that may have been created since the last time the report was updated. You'll know which they are because Associated Email will show #N/A in Column D.


Citrix (Sharefile):

  • Go to People > Browse Employees.
  • Copy and paste the list of users into the Citrix tab on the System License and Equipment Reconciliation workbook.
  • NOTE: With Sharefile, we should never carry open licenses since we pay on a monthly basis. If you need to adjust the license count up or down to accommodate changes in the user list, that's done under Admin Settings > Billing > Update Your Plan.




  • The Recruiter Corporate license is assigned to whomever is responsible for recruiting. There is only ever one license, and it is transferred between members of the HR team so does not need to be reconciled.
  • Request a report of the Sales Navigator licenses from Andy Liguori (


  • Go to My Account > Licensing > Manage.
  • Set it to show 1000 entries.
  • Copy the table from the bottom up, excluding the header row, and paste the data into the Nextiva tab of the System License and Equipment Reconciliation workbook.

Office 365:

  • Go to the Users menu in the Admin Center.
  • Click Export Users.




  • In the Admin Center, go to People > Team > Team Members.
  • Copy and paste the list of users into the Zendesk tab on the System License and Equipment Reconciliation workbook. There are two pages of users, so make sure to copy both sets.



  • Use credentials and 0utofGAS! to get in.
  • Go to the Admin Center and then Manage Users.
  • Select All.
  • Create Users Report (.xls)

Final Reconciliation Steps

Equipment List

  • Review the match column on this sheet to identify laptops that exist in our monitoring portal that have not been entered in our Equipment List sheet in Smartsheet. Add any new laptops to the Equipment List in Smartsheet.
  • Email to let them know about any laptops we have retired that need to be removed from monitoring; provide them with the laptop name and serial number. On the Equipment List in Smartsheet, enter a Disposal Date for those laptops.

License Reverse Lookup

  • On the Company Roster & License Allocation tab, filter column AC (Email Address) for non-blanks.
  • Copy the list of emails, and paste it into Column A (Email Address) on the License Reverse Lookup tab.
  • Review any FALSE results in Column B (Match) by checking to see which license has a mismatch and checking to see that the license record we have in Company Roster matches what we exported from the related system.
  • Typically, a FALSE result here will indicate that we have a license assigned to the person in the Company Roster that the person doesn't actually have, and we just need to remove that license from them in the Company Roster Smartsheet to true it up.

License Counts

  • Once you've made all of your assignment adjustments in Smartsheet, open the Sheet Summary fly-out in Company Roster & License Allocation.
    • Entries that say "matches" are good to go in terms of licenses listed in the sheet.
    • If you see a message that states to add open licenses, there are several rows that say "Open" in the Primary Column of the sheet. Add the requisite number of licenses to "Open" rows until you get a "matches" result in the summary.
    • If you see a message that indicates you need to reduce the license count of a particular system, go into that platform to reduce the licenses accordingly.
    • mceclip2.png
  • These formulas need to be adjusted when we do contract renewals to add or remove licenses from the number we're trying to match. The magic number in the formula should always be equal to however many total licenses we're under contract for in any given system.

System License Totals

  • Ultimately, all of these updates are feeding billing total information on the System License Totals sheet in Smartsheet. 
  • The figures in the Monthly and/or Annual columns on the parent rows should match our bills from the various vendors.
  • If a contract comes up for renewal and/or there is a licensing price change, the associated prices in the children rows on the Monthly and/or Annual columns should also be adjusted.

Once you have completed the reconciliation steps, notify so that Finance is aware that they can proceed with your numbers for cross-charge purposes.

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