What do I do if an employee loses their check?

If an employee loses or otherwise damages their paycheck to the point that they can't cash it, what you need to do to replace it depends on whether you are on DP's Net Pay service or not. NetPay is a service we use where the checks are written off a bank account owned by Dominion Payroll.

* See below for information geared specifically to both scenarios.

Non-Net Pay Clients:

If you are not on DP's Net Pay service, your paychecks are drawn on your company's bank account. What you do related to replacing the employee's check may differ slightly depending on whether they lost the check or it was damaged (e.g. their dog ate it or they left it in their pocket when they did laundry).

If the employee has lost their check, you should first contact your bank to find out whether or not the check has been cashed (you can find the check number by looking in Employee Self-Service > Pay History). If the check has not been cashed, best practices would dictate that you place a stop payment on the original check before re-issuing funds to the employee.

If the employee's check has been damaged but is still in their possession, you can be confident the check has not been cashed and proceed in replacing the funds with confidence.

Re-issuing funds to the employee can be done in several different ways, but the three most common ways are 1) issuing a replacement check on site, 2) asking DP Customer Service to print a replacement check and deliver it the next business day (a $25 fee will apply), or 3) re-issuing the funds/check the next time you run a payroll.

  1. To issue a replacement check on-site, you will need to have an authorized signer for the payroll account write out and sign a check to the employee for the same net value as the check that was lost. No action is required in iSolved to record this transaction.
  2. Contact DP Customer Service to request a reprint. NOTE: If you have placed a stop payment on the original check, request a special run in which we void the original check and issue a replacement with a new check number.
  3. Add the funds to the next payroll. This, of course, is only a good option if the employee can wait for the funds. The simplest way to get the funds to the employee is to enter the net of the lost check in Time Entry using a non-taxable (e.g. reimbursement) earnings code. Contact DP Customer Service if you are unsure of how to do this.

Net Pay Clients:

If the employee has lost their check, please contact DP's Treasury Team. If the check has not been cashed, at your request, a stop payment would be placed on the check and funds would be returned to your company bank account. Please see the above options to reissue funds (Options 1-3 listed above in the Non-Net Pay area). You will need to provide the check number, check date, and the amount of the check.

If the employee's check has been damaged and is now in your possession, please write "VOID" on the original check and send an image of that check to Treasury will discuss with you if they will be replacing the check or if you would like the funds returned to your company account.

Our team will work with you to either issue a reprint of the original check or place a stop payment on the original check so that you can write the employee a check on-site or issue a new check to them when you run the next payroll.

*If you are on DP's Net Pay service, you will see "Wells Fargo Positive Pay" checked off in the Legal Services section (bottom right) of Client Management > Client Summary in iSolved.

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