How do I make an employee's time off reduce their balance?

There are two ways you can have iSolved handle reducing your employee's leave balances when they take time off:

  1. Payroll Processing > Payroll Entry > Time Entry Grid/Individual Time Entry
  2. Employee Self-Service > Time > Employee Absences

NOTE: Your iSolved environment will be set up to handle balances in Payroll Processing or Employee Self-Service, but not both. If you're unsure of which setup you have, you can ask DP Customer Service

If you're using the Payroll Processing > Payroll Entry menu, your earnings codes will have been mapped to your leave accrual plans -- PTO Hours to PTO Time, Sick Hours to Sick Time, Vacation Hours to Vacation Time, Floating Holiday Hours to Floating Holiday Time, etc. Hours entered in payroll entry will reduce the corresponding plan balance when you process the payroll.

If you enter hours in the Time Entry Grid or Individual Time Entry and notice that the employee's balance isn't updating, chances are you are set up to manage balance updates through Employee Absences instead. Here's a step-by-step:

  1. Go to Employee Self-Service > Time > Employee Absences.
  2. Hit Add New in the blue bar that runs across the middle of the screen.
  3. Enter the Absence Date, choose the plan the Absence falls under (this will be the plan that gets the reduced balance), and enter the number of hours the employee took off.
  4. Save.

This will add a record to the Employee Absence screen and give you a project of the employee's balance. The balance will officially update when the date of the absence falls within the pay period of a processed payroll.




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