How do I rehire an employee?

When you're adding a new employee in iSolved, you use Quick Hire or New Hire Wizard in Employee Maintenance. When you have a returning employee, the right move is to rehire that employee rather than adding them as a new employee. Here's how:

  1. Go to Employee Maintenance > General. You should land on a screen that defaults to a list of your active employees.
  2. In the gray bar along the top of your screen, change the filter for Employee Type from "Active" to "ALL" and enter the returning employee's SSN (or last name) in the Search field, then hit "Apply".
  3. Choose the returning employee from the search results.
  4. In the blue bar along the top of the screen, hit "Rehire".
  5. Enter the employee's rehire date, then Save.

This will add the employee back to your Active list and include them in payrolls going forward. Make sure to update their address, tax withholdings, pay rates, and any other information that is different than the last time they were employed.


NOTE: If you are adding a new hire and get an error telling you that the SSN already exists, it's usually because you have already employed the person in the past. Go through this rehire process instead of adding a new hire to avoid duplicating the records.

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