How do I adjust an employee's leave balance?

Leave balances for PTO, Vacation, Sick, and other time off policies are housed in Employee Management > Employee Benefits > Accruals > Leave Accruals.


To add a leave plan to an employee, select it from the drop-down menu in the appropriate leave category (e.g. for a Sick Plan, the drop-down labelled "Select Sick Plan").


To manually update an employee's leave balance, enter the corrected balance in the "*Update Balance" field on the appropriate leave plan, then hit Save in the blue bar across the top of the screen.

Depending on your setup, you may also be able to adjust an employee's accrual rate, balance limit, and/or carryover limit on this screen. If these fields are set up for override in your company plan setup, the fields will be white (rather than gray) on the screen. To override, enter the new rate or limit and save.

Should you need to deactivate a plan entirely, check the "Is Inactive" box underneath the plan name.

NOTE: Typically, employee's balances will update automatically when you report time as having been used either via the Time Entry Grid/Individal Time Entry or Absense Policy Time Off Requests. If you're unsure of how your plans are set up, please contact DP Customer Service for specific guidance.

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