DP Holiday Closing Schedule - 2017

Dominion Payroll observes the holiday schedule set by the Federal Reserve. Generally speaking, we observe all Federal holidays. If a holiday falls on a Saturday, we observe the holiday on the preceding Friday.* If the holiday falls on a Sunday, we observe the holiday on the following Monday.

In 2017, DP will be closed on the following dates:

  • Monday, January 2
  • Monday, January 16
  • Monday, February 20
  • Monday, May 29
  • Tuesday, July 4
  • Monday, September 4
  • Monday, October 9
  • Thursday, November 23
  • Monday, December 25 

Keep in mind that the dates listed above, being Federal holidays, are dates on which we cannot make deposits to employees. If your payroll would normally be scheduled to fall on one of these dates, the check date will need to be moved either to the preceding day or the following day.

See attached for a printer-friendly version of the 2017 DP calendar.

*Exceptions to this rule include Independence Day and Veteran's Day. If one of these holidays falls on a Saturday, DP does not observe the holiday with any closure.

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