How do I change an employee's manager or supervisor?

In iSolved, managers and supervisors can be assigned either at the employee level or at the organization level. Here are things to note:

  • Employee-level manager and supervisor assignments are handled in Employee Management > Employee Maintenance > Job.
  • If an employee's manager or supervisor changes, but their Job has not changed, then edit the current record.
  • If an employee is changing positions, hit "Add New" to put the employee in their new Job and assign the new manager/supervisor.
  • An employee will only be available to be a assigned as a manager or supervisor of another employee if they are assigned to a Job that manages or supervises others in Employee Management > Employee Maintenance > Job.

If your Organization Table matches up to your manager/supervisor assignments, you can do mass assignments by going to Employee Management > Employee Maintenance > Organization Manager/Supervisor. 

  • Go to the employee who is the manager or supervisor.
  • Click "Add New".
  • Choose the organizational section the employee manages or supervises.
  • Check off whether they should have manager or supervisor access.
  • Save.

Please note that "manager" and "supervisor" settings in the Job and Organization Manager/Supervisor screens reference back to access and workflow roles that are set up at the company level.

There are many different options related to time and attendance, time off requests, information changes, etc. If you are unsure of what access levels your managers and supervisors have for their employees, please contact for information specific to your company.

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